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Below you can use donate button to send one time donation or use subscription method. When sending one time donation please include your info or get in touch with us so we can apply you bonuses that comes with donations 🙂 Atm we support PayPal donation but if you would like to transfer money to bank or pay with credit card get in touch.

All donations will be doubled by UVI. So for example if you donate 10 € another 10 € will be added to the fond by UVI.


  • It's free
  • Become part of the community
  • I might be interested to donate in the future
  • I just love you guys

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  • Donator tag on Discord
  • Access to servers with RCON
  • Hall of fame (check below)
  • Help community grow
  • Free drink on event
  • Part of donator club
/ month


  • All from Support community
  • All you can drink on one event
  • You are supporting also events
  • Special UVI goodie bag
  • Your skill increases to the infinity
  • You are super good guy of the community
/ year

Hall of fame

Soon! Here we will list donators/supporters and other members that contributed to the community or Clanbase.