Prague LAN – SPRING STORM – Call of Duty 1 LAN

The bracket can be found here –

Place of action: SkillZone – Gaming Studio. Adress: Jankovcova 938/18A, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice (Czech republic).

Date of action: 14th – 15 May. Start – 14th May (9:00). End – 15th May (after end of tournament).

A number of teams: Our goal is to have 10 – 16 teams.

Computer equipment: There are 30 PCs: OS Windows 10, processors i7, graphics cards GTX 580, memory 8 GB RAM and 144 Hz monitors.


Payment and more info is on our Discord:



Map list: Brecourt, Carentan, Dawnville, Depot, Germantown, Hanoi, Harbor, Neuville, Powcamp, Railyard and Tigertown.


Group Phase: Map-ban. Classic match on 2 maps (MR 10) to 21 points. If it will be draw, the score will stay. Playoffs: Map-Ban. BO3 – MR10 (first to 11 Rounds). In case of draw (10-10) overtime will be played (MR3 – first to 4 rounds) to decide winner of that map. Winners of pistol bash decides who starts ban and picks first map and side.


FORM: BAN, BAN, BAN, BAN, BAN, BAN, PICK, PICK, BAN, BAN, DECIDER. For group phase it ends after pick 2nd map (8th step).


Matches will be played on CoDbase servers.


Food and drink: You can buy something to eat and drink (including beer) in gaming club. You can order also for example pizza (or some traditional Czech food).


Current list of paid teams (10/16):

Power of Retro – MAXX, Ares, AmbiiiK, p!ko, manasek, Mamboh
FEELTHEPOWER – topYYY, Verso!, Mass, tRiSKAc, RnDll
remember UVIGEAR – wormii, yumm, medo, Hooker, st1FFFy, samkej, Shubb, vztx, kvvz
The Myth Of – kikiii, r3ziner, M1z3ry, Jar3kkk, Nervvvv, Snk, Ixaam, Fade
Lívanečky – moRty, janusek, verTigo, randal, nwcs, kOblicH, [email protected]
teamv – gioO, leon, mAr, moffY, seven
PIMP/AveSavaria – R4PTOR, Choke, Patsches, Alex, J.Evans
Fucking Authority – MirdasEk, Shegy, Voky, + 2
OVERiDE – Skypjeh, X’mo, Yeye, skz, + 1
DREAMTEAM – DON, archiMedes, Ax1fer, Gerlo, BASSIE
Cyberbox – Mamboh, Miry, Hoglm, Mobr_, M1ki

If you want to know more info, then feel free to go on our Discord and ask us.


See you in Prague.

Verso & MAXX


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