Call of Duty 2003 OVERLORD 2023 lanparty Zagreb by UVI FINISHED

The second edition of the most popular Call of Duty 2003 Overlord #2 lanparty has come to an end. This year we saw a lot more preparation of teams before the event and we have to say that we saw close matches through the whole playoffs and even brackets. This lanparty was very special for everybody involved as it was 20 years from the release (October 29, 2003) of the legendary Call of Duty 1 game that changed the whole gaming and esports industry.

As organizers, we started to push the community with some new rules and we hope they will stick as they bring more transparency to the whole community. We introduced config uploads, stricter lean/clip movement, and server log uploads.

Friday started with the preparation of computers and a traditional gathering at a restaurant in Zagreb. It was nice to see players together on “the last meal” before going to the virtual war the next day.

Team Hasacze


🇭🇺 Warriors of Darkness (WoD) lipcsi, arma, Pho3n!X, $zOtY!, TRIXIKO
🇨🇿 Team 4D hide, lord, miki, mskr, nitro
🇭🇺 AVE SAVARIA R4PTOR, chokii, L1mewax, PREFIRE, Stvno
🇨🇿 FEELTHEPOWER TopyxZ , mass , verso, triskac , replaj
🇪🇺 ALMOST bRATNEY, mocki, Nanoyeah, miLk, Phyzix
🇵🇱 Hasacze Nistel, Nayas, KSSS, Simon, jtGz
🇭🇷 Dopefish Rev, KarmA, p4ra, tepzZ, s1ck
🇵🇱 nikczemne Gumisie h3lioS, goRn, klofucja, anGel, SKYHACK
🇪🇺 born2lose z1ckje, Ax1fer, CrAzY, portiss, nesh
🇵🇱 LAoNda Wrona, Fiszek, Emek, Baranek, mario
🇪🇺 GangstasParadise wormii, Hooker, whLs, reazon, samkEj
🇭🇺 punk52 AGAZZ1, asthma, boceY, meta, Showtime
🇪🇺 The Myth of Kiki, skz, reziner, Mizery, YeYe
🇭🇺 SUPERKIDS bazsa, krippie, SKITZOR, r1VERSE, Sp1RiT
🇭🇺 whateVer abRa, skrizo, prison, lowzor, Kyleka
🇪🇺 DREAMTEAM BASSIE, Don, archiMedes, norberto, VENXZRR
🇨🇿 Entropiq Mamboh, Ares, Piko, AmbiiiK, Manasek


First day @ Group stage.
At 9:00 sharp we start with the first group stage. We started groups with 30 30-minute delays as some computers and servers (tnx @king for fixing) needed some extra love. We could see that teams come prepared in the A group stage. We saw a lot of close matches and some tie matches. I could see on the player’s faces that they were really happy as the matches were close and they had to be in full focus and tryhard mode for the whole group stage. Initially, the plan was to finish the A group stage around 18:00 but as a lot of matches were close and few tied matches we finished A group at 19:00.

At 20:00 matches from Group B were under way. Again teams and players from the second group I have to give you a lot of credit. From 20:00 till 2:00 in the morning teams were playing non-stop and everybody was focused on the closed matches and finishing group stage. We had to finish the last match from group B in the morning which was finished by 10:00. We had a perfect date as at night clock went back as of season changed and players got an extra hour of sleep.

Focus, focus, focus!

Second day @ Playoffs.
This year it was the first time 6 teams from each group entered playoffs and this was a really good decision as we gave a second chance to more teams than usual. I have organized over 100 tournaments and this is the first that we had so close matches in playoffs from start to the end. The closed matches meant that groups were perfectly balanced. I have to mention Team whAtever which was a little and sweet surprise. They were playing well in the groups and a lot of players were following their matches in the playoffs.

Team whAtever

SUPERKINDS, DREAMTEAM, The Myth of and Entropiq. Thank you! You brought amazing matches in the second part of the playoff bracket. You guys showed the community what means if you prepare and bring your best to the event. We saw closed matches and nobody could say for sure who would finish in the finals. I think because of you we had more than 50 people waiting, watching, and biting nails in two dedicated stream areas. You could hear cheering and more all the time from the amazing crowd which brought a great experience for everybody at the venue.

Livestream of matches in the closed area so we didn’t disturb the players.

Finals 🇪🇺 The Myth of vs 🇨🇿 Entropiq
Both teams already met in the semifinals upper bracket and TMO (2:1 for TMO BO3) went into finals with 1 match advantage but Entropiq started with their map. TMO showed that they came prepared and won the map of Entropiq on the all-time classic @ HARBOR. With The Myth of winning the first map, they secured 1. st place in this legendary Overlord #2 Call of Duty 2003 lanparty that was held in Zagreb Croatia.

You can check semifinal and final matches here and other matches on Youtube channel.

🥇 The Myth of – 1200 € + CM prizes (mechanical keyboard 5x)
🥈 Entropiq – 800 € + CM prizes (mouse + XXL mousepad 5x)
🥉 SUPERKIDS – 500 € + CM prizes (headphones 5x)

🥇 MVP of the event: Entropiq Ambik

All photos in full quality can be found here @ HOPsi media or on the Facebook album.

Short video from the venue and closing ceremony, MUST WATCH!

At this point, we would like to thank everybody for helping with the event, especially streamers n1tro + Liuokin, k1ng for support on the first day, and HOG staff. Of course, big thanks go to the teams, supporters, and sponsors who trusted us to bring this event to Zagreb. Thats it! See you next year when we return better and bigger! ❤️

Organized by | Samkej and s1
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