We are really happy that our first COD1 lanparty was successful! We would like to thank everybody that helped around the tournament and bring something special and fresh to the Call Of Duty 1 community.

Teams attending lan in Zagreb, Croatia:

Group A @ UVI
Team 4D 🇨🇿
The Myth of 🇪🇺
whateVer 🇭🇺
LAoNda 🇵🇱
Dreamteam 🇳🇱
Ninja 🇵🇱

Group B @ LENOVO
Power of Retro 🇨🇿
punk52 🇭🇺
Endless 🇭🇺
Remember UVI 🇸🇮
AVE Savaria 🇪🇺

Final results, matches, groups, and payoffs can be viewed here.

🥇 The Myth Of @ r3ziner, m1zery, skz, kiki, qT (1200 € + UVI GEAR)
🥈 Team 4D @ nitro, mobR, miki, mamboh, lord (700 € + UVI GEAR)
🥉 Power of Retro @ Ambiiik, MAXX, Ares, p!ko, manasek (400 € + UVI GEAR)

Our intention of lanpary was much more than just playing our favorite game for 2 days but rather to finally meet people we love, adore or hate and get a beer together at one place. We were impressed when almost all teams showed up on Friday at the gathering we organized. Friday evening meant to us and the players a lot more than just some gathering as awkwardness between players went away and it was really easy to connect with others. Friday brought a really good mood for the next two days which were just amazing!

With few initial problems, we started Saturday groups and Group A finished around 17:00 with Group B starting playing around 18:30. We had to finish one match from Group B on a Sunday morning. On Sunday we again had some initial problems and a 2-hour delay but when matches started we continued to play until midnight when we finally got our winners @ TMO! Congrats boys you deserve it!

Why so short description of the day? Well, because Skely @ TheUnluckyMan10 brought us the fucking show on the stream and you should definitely check videos on our Youtube channel. At this point, we would like to thank Skely for all the laughs and long hours! Please consider following Skely @ TheUnluckyMan10 on for more!

Thank you all for being part of this amazing experience!

Feel free to download pictures for personal use.
If you are intending to download pictures/videos or other content that was created or paid for by you have to get official permission from Feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

Video content (stream) that is not on the official Clanbase Youtube channel was not approved by us. Please report channels that uploaded videos without our permission. Creating video content, accommodating the caster, and paying caster expenses for the event are expensive. The budget for that came directly from staff pocket and we would at least like to have our content on our channel. If we detect stolen and re-uploaded content without our permission and get info about the person behind it that person is banned from all our events.

Visit the main page of the event.



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