Call of Duty 1 LAN rules Overlord Zagreb

These rules apply for the Call of Duty 1 Overlord Zagreb event! Rules could change until 5.11.2022. If you want to give feedback on the rules please reach out to Samkej on Discord. If rules change we will post updates on this page.

Update 1.11.2022 – we will use CODBASE pam, bomb/plant timer ON! The best four teams are separated into 2 groups. Normal mode (first to 21) and BO3 now have the same pick-ban system @ Each team bans two maps, picks one, and bans until one is left (decider map).

Update 31.10.2022 – system changed for the second day to 8 teams of Double elimination. Some timeline changes. Wormi was added to the conflict team. The red dot on the screen is forbidden. The Livestream draft will be on Friday 1.11.2022 at 20:00 CEST.

First day: 12.11.2022 Groups
Second day: 13.11.2022 Playoffs, Double Elimination 8 teams.
Record matches: YES
CFG checks on the event: YES (randomly by staff)

We have created two groups. A group with 9 teams will start on Saturday morning. The checking for the A group is at 8:30 sharp! B group checking is at 15:30! We have provided enough computers so the whole group can play at the same time.

Teams will have 30 minutes to prepare and practice before we start. It is very important that we stick to the schedule! As all teams in the group are playing simultaneously we will not wait for matches to start and any delays of more than 15 minutes from teams will be punished with no show.

Captains of the teams please enable notifications on Clanbase Discord Channel #cod1-captain-group as we will send important notifications. Also, have your phone turned on and with you so you can follow our updates!

#Game rules
1.1 Maps: Brecourt, Carentan, Dawnville, Depot, Germantown, Harbor, Neuville, Railyard, Tigertown

1.2 Group phase will have mode MR13. Coin flip to decide who bans first. The winner of the coin flip decides who starts banning. You play a map that is not banned. Bash for the side. WIN gives 3 points, DRAW 1, LOSE 0. If teams have equal points spot is decided by matches played between those two teams.

1.2.1 Best four teams (The Myth of, Team 4D, Power of Retro, punk52) will be randomly separated into groups A and B.

1.3 Playoffs will have a Double-elimination format. Best 4 teams from each group qualify. Coin flip to decide who bans first. The winner of the coin flip decides who starts banning. Each team bans two maps, picks one, and bans until one is left. The last map is played in case there is a tie. The first double-elimination round will be first to 21 points (normal mode) then we will see if the second round is played also to 21 points or if we could switch to BO3 (MR13). Other rounds are BO3. Each team bans two maps, picks one, and bans until one is left. Again coin flip to decide who bans first.

1.4 When a match is finished please paste the screenshot to the dedicated channel on Clanbase Discord! Please follow entered results to see if there are mistakes after admins enter scores.

1.5 Glitches, bugs, not allowed stuff…
• Spectating is not allowed
• Clipping (left clip) is not allowed and will be punished with the loss of a round
• Up-down is allowed but it’s not allowed as rapidly up-down abusing play (any up-down bind is not allowed and will be punished with a match loss)
• Helicopter DNL is not allowed
• Grenade glitch/bug is not allowed and it will be punished as a round loss
• All exec, vstr, cmdcur commands are not allowed
• Any map bugs are not allowed (jumping out of maps, buggy plants..)
• Edited CoDMP.exe is not allowed

1.6. Recording, conflicts, cfgs, and other…
• Every match must be recorded (all 5 players)! Deleting demos is not allowed! Please name demos accordingly, for example: REMEMBER_VS_DREAMTEAM
• Any conflicts need to be announced right after the match so we can check demos. The demo is considered to be incomplete if there is a missing round and will be punished as a match loss.
• Every conflict will be reviewed case-by-case by the OVERLORD conflict group. For any info about bugs, or movements contact admins to avoid any further troubles. Demos and server logs can be requested by every team right after the match (we give you 5 minutes to find admin).
• Any other binds (except nade bind) are forbidden
• In the MAIN map is allowed only one “mp_config”. Pam mode will be set on the default cvarlist. Every attempt of cheating will be punished as a disqualification of the whole team. Example: mouse macros, edited COD1, vstr scripts, or other scripts.
• /cg_drawfps 1 is mandatory
• Red dot on the screen is forbidden

Only the admin team can make decisions on how to act on the violations. The rules above are informational and can be overruled by the admin team. Random CFG checks will be done before, after, and between matches. If we detect not allowed config and decide to continue players have 2 minutes to change the config and resume the match. If you are not sure if your CFG is valid please check the contents of CFG with the admin. We strongly recommend that you bring your CFG on a USB stick so you don’t cause delays.

1.7 Players, team and pam
Players must have their registered tag and team name so we can recognize them. Substituting a player is allowed only if both teams and the admin agree. The match can be paused if there is a technical issue or both teams agree. To pause the match use the command /matchtimeout in the console. If a match is paused please notify the admin about the reason asap.

Matches will be played on CODBASE PAM plant/bomb timer turned ON and ammo is reduced. Pam is available to test on COD1 servers.

Main organizers: samkEj and st1FFFy
Conflict team: Rev, kiki, jtGz, Ambik, Agazzi, Wormii

Competitive respectful friendly behavior toward the players, teams, admins, and HOG staff is mandatory. Any disrespectful moments or abusive language will lead to instant disqualification and removal of the player or team from the venue (please don’t try us, we are doing this for you guys).

Food and drinks at the venue. We are at the shopping mall and 50 meters (same floor) from the venue there is the food court that has a lot to offer. We will also organize Pizza and some other food with a discount, more info on the event. Drinks are NOT allowed to bring inside the venue! You can buy all drinks at the venue! Please respect our venue host HOG and buy your drinks there (normal prices). 

Smokers you are in luck! You can smoke in a specially dedicated room for smokers in HOG!

Team captain please make sure that your whole team is present at the event for the whole duration of your matches! Delays will not be tolerated and can lead to no-shows!

Nightlife and get-together places will be posted in Discord!


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