COD1 OVERLORD lanparty Zagreb by UVI

Aftermovie #1 by SKZ ❤️

🥇 The Myth Of @ r3ziner, m1zery, skz, kiki, qT (1200 € + UVI GEAR)
🥈 Team 4D @ nitro, mobR, miki, mamboh, lord (700 € + UVI GEAR)
🥉 Power of Retro @ Ambiiik, MAXX, Ares, p!ko, manasek (400 € + UVI GEAR)

Final results can be viewed here! 

Dear COD1 fans and old-school players!

We are happy that we can officially announce a ClanBase lan called OVERLORD in Zagreb Croatia.

📅 Date: 12. and 13. November 2022.
🗺️ Location: Hall of Game Arena, Zagreb, Croatia.
💸 Sign-up fee: 250€
🙋‍♂️ Max teams: 16
💰 Prizes: 2500 € + 600 € of UVI gaming Gear (if 16 teams attend)
💰 Additional prizes for players: 500 € of UVI Gaming Gear and Lenovo for individual players (MVP, best underdog, etc).

UVI, MONSTER ENERGY, LENOVO, ENAA, SK Gaming for joining our event as sponsors!

Group A @ UVI
Team 4D 🇨🇿
The Myth of 🇪🇺
whateVer 🇭🇺
LAoNda 🇵🇱
Dreamteam 🇳🇱
Ninja 🇵🇱
iNFiNiTY*Skills 🇭🇺

Group B @ LENOVO
Power of Retro 🇨🇿
punk52 🇭🇺
Endless 🇭🇺
Remember UVI 🇸🇮
AVE Savaria 🇪🇺


The tournament system, rules, redistribution of prizes, and map pool will be updated later on this page!

The place offers us many chances to spend good free time during the weekend. Shops, bars, restorations on location, and HOG Arena also offers PlayStations, UVI Racing simulators, and much more!

We received good feedback from teams that attended LAN in Prague and we hope we get even more old-school players and teams to participate this time. There is enough time to organize all that is necessary. We reserved 30 PCs and we already ”reserved” our community commentator Skelly aka TheUnluckyMan!

All matches will be streamed on Twitch and the best games will be played on the stage.

We gonna do our best so every team will play a lot of matches, so it’s really important that we are going to stick with the plan, and schedule and try to avoid delays.

Registrations: Opens today, so please, if you are interested, contact us (samkEj on Discord) so we can start to plan things. For now, we have around 14 teams interested.

If you need a team, player/s, or any info join our Discord or contact samkEj.
See you in Zagreb!


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